The video discusses recent developments in Canada’s stance on arms sales to Israel, particularly in light of concerns raised by human rights groups regarding the situation in Gaza. European Union statements accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of using deliberate starvation as a weapon of war, prompting outcry from various sectors regarding the targeting of journalists, civilians, hospitals, aid workers, and UN facilities. Canada has been called out for complicity due to its provision of military weapons to Israel.

In response to these concerns, Parliament recently passed a motion calling for an end to military aid to Netanyahu’s government. However, despite this motion, several military supply deals with Israel are still pending. The video specifically mentions deals involving guns from Colt and Kitchener, as well as armed vehicles from Michelle and Bramton. The parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs acknowledged Parliament’s stance and expressed pride in the bipartisan effort to find a Canadian position on the matter. He reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to advocating for a ceasefire, refraining from arms sales to Israel, and facilitating the return of hostages to their homes. The parliamentary secretary also encouraged engagement from the Conservative Party in these efforts.

Source: Global News –