On February 22, 2024, distinguished guests gathered at the Grand Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, to celebrate the 63rd National Day and the 33rd Liberation Day of the State of Kuwait. Among the attendees were key figures from Kuwait and the Philippines, including His Excellency Musaed Saleh Althwaikh, the Ambassador of Kuwait to the Philippines, and representatives from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF).

One notable presence at the event was Secretary Yusoph Mando, the OIC Secretary of NCMF, accompanied by Deputy Executive Director Atty. Jehan-Jehan Lepail. Their attendance underscored the occasion’s significance and highlighted the importance of fostering strong diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The celebration marked a momentous occasion for Kuwait, commemorating its independence and liberation from occupation. It was a time to reflect on the country’s rich history, culture, and achievements while looking towards the future with optimism and hope.

As guests mingled and exchanged pleasantries, an air of camaraderie and mutual respect reflected the warm and friendly relations between Kuwait and the Philippines. Discussions centered on various areas of cooperation, including trade, investment, and cultural exchange, highlighting the potential for further collaboration and partnership between the two nations.

The event served as a reminder of the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity between Kuwait and the Philippines. It allowed guests to reaffirm their commitment to strengthening bilateral ties and working together towards shared goals and objectives.

In his remarks, Ambassador Althwaikh expressed his gratitude to all those in attendance and reiterated Kuwait’s commitment to deepening its relationship with the Philippines. He emphasized the importance of diplomacy and dialogue in resolving regional and global challenges and reaffirmed Kuwait’s support for the Filipino community living and working in Kuwait.