🌟 Join us in watching the inspiring speech delivered by NCMF OIC Secretary Yusoph Mando as the Guest of Honor for the 59th Provincial Quran Reading Competition held at Tubod, Lanao del Norte, on February 21, 2024!

In his address, OIC Secretary Mando emphasized the timeless values of “Unity and Peace: Cornerstone of Islam.” He beautifully elucidated how the Holy Quran serves as a beacon of guidance, healing, and unity, drawing upon Quranic verses and prophetic sayings to underscore its significance.

Attendees were encouraged to deepen their connection with the Quran and embody its teachings in fostering unity, peace, and love within their communities. It was indeed a moment of reflection and inspiration for all present.

Furthermore, Secretary Mando took the opportunity to shed light on the advancements in the Hajj Operation, including a reduced MUTAWWIF fee and improved housing accommodations for Hajj 2024. These initiatives align with the BAGONG NCMF campaign in support of President Marcos’ Bagong Pilipinas movement, signifying our commitment to serving the Muslim Filipino community with excellence and dedication.

Let’s embrace these messages of unity, peace, and progress. Click the link below to watch the remarkable speech and be part of this transformative experience! 🕌📖✨🤝🌍🕊️