NCMF OIC Secretary Yusoph Mando met with Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo and Governor @Imelda Q. Dimaporo of Lanao Del Norte and some officials and Sheiks along with #BagongNCMF team led by Director Cosanie Derogongan in a Special dinner meeting hosted by the esteemed couple leaders, on February 20, 2024 at Iligan City.

During the meeting, OIC Secretary Mando expressed sincere appreciation for the warm reception and unwavering support extended by the esteemed leaders. The discussions primarily revolved around the multifaceted programs and initiatives spearheaded by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF). From initiatives focused on cultural preservation to meticulous preparations for Hajj 2024, the Commission reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to serving the diverse needs of Muslim communities across the nation.

At the heart of the discourse was the NCMF’s resolute dedication to ensuring a seamless and efficient Hajj experience for Filipino Muslims. This commitment is encapsulated under the visionary “Bagong NCMF” initiative and slogan, aligning profoundly with President Marcos’ overarching vision for a progressive and inclusive nation through the “Bagong Pilipinas” movement.

Moreover, the meeting served as a pivotal platform to underscore the NCMF’s commitment to addressing past operational challenges and rectifying any alleged irregularities. This commitment is in harmony with directives from the Office of the President of the Philippines and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary, the Honorable Atty. Benhur Abalos Jr.

Through such engagements, the NCMF continues to pave the way for inclusive development and social cohesion. By providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration with esteemed leaders like Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo, Governor Imelda Q. Dimaporo, and other stakeholders, the Commission reaffirms its dedication to advancing the welfare and interests of Muslim communities nationwide.

The meeting exemplifies a concerted effort towards fostering synergy and collaboration between the NCMF and regional leaders, marking a significant stride towards realizing inclusive development and unity among Muslim Filipinos.